Fountain Pen Sale Batch #4

$15.00 - $150.00 / On Sale

I am doing a "closet clean out" of some assorted fountain pens. Pens are sold as is. All pens are in good condition but have been used, some only once or twice, most have just been used for a review and then cleaned and put away.

These pens may or may not ship with the correct boxes but I will do my best to locate the original packaging. I will be sure to wrap the pen securely for shipping. May or may not include a converter/cartridges and other assorted materials.

  1. Parker IM Emerald Pearl Fountain Pen M Nib (no packaging, no converter) $35
  2. 3952 Abalone Shell Fountain Pen F Nib (with packaging & converter) $100
  3. Eversharp Skyline 50 M Nib (includes captured converter with original packaging -- including matching corvette toy model) $150
  4. Diplomat Esteem Mad C Violet Caneva F Nib (includes converter & packaging) $75
  5. Parker Jotter Fountain Pen Stainless Steel with Gold Tone M Nib (no packaging, includes converter) $15
  6. Sheaffer Imperial 14K Waverly Nib (no packaging, includes converter) $100