A Compendium of Unfamiliars: Fantasy Nib Rubber Stamps


I've been dreaming of making my own nibs and then I realized I could... in rubber stamp form. These are the first of my efforts, inspired by the magic of my favorite time of the year, Halloween.

• Spellbound is a row of magical astrological symbols with a crescent moon breather hole.
• Shadow is a cat familiar because everyone with an "inkling" of magic needs their own familiar.
• Squidney is a flexible cephalopod (named after my favorite knitter) who will charm you with his inky magic.
• Barney, our barn owl, ever the watchful eye.


• The Grim Writer, to help you get the bones down.
• Archnibphobia, spiders and pen nibs... a perfect combo.

• Each stamp is 0.5"x1.5"
• Mounted on a wood block with foam backing and laser etched with design on the front for east identification
• Buyer will receive a new, unused stamp packed in cellophane bag