Our Stockists

The following US retailers stock our Col-o-ring Products:

Allard's Art  (Fresno, CA)
Atlas Stationers (Chicago, IL)
Dromgoole's (Houston, TX)
Fountain Pen Revolution
Federalist Pens
Goulet Pens

Ink Journal
Jenni Bick (Washington, DC)
Kinokuniya Bookstore (Katy, TX)
Lemur Ink
Meininger Art Supply (Denver, CO)

Papier Plume (New Orleans, LA)
PaperQuirks (Poulsbo, WA)
Pen Boutique (Columbia, MD)
Pen Chalet
Pen Lovers Paradise
Pen Outpost

Queen's Ink (Balitmore, MD)
Shigure Inks
Vanness Pens (Little Rock, AR)
WonderFair (Lawrence, KS)

Col-o-ring products are currently available from these international shops:

Australia: Fountain Pen Supplies
Canada: Phidon PensWonder Pens & Shop Noteworthy
France: Papeterie Makkura
Netherlands: Fontoplumo & Appelboom
Norway: Fyllepenna & Lille Notte
Singapore: Handwritten Pen Shop
Spain: Inks Inspiration
Turkey: Galen Leather
U.K.: Cult Pens
New Zealand: Pen Classics NZ

Other shops will be listed as they come available.

If you are having trouble finding our products in your area or you live in a different country than those listed above, check out our Etsy shop specifically launched for our international customers. If there are items you are interested in purchasing but are not listed in the Etsy shop, please message us directly and we can build a custom listing for you.

International shipping is not available through our Big Cartel shop.