Col-o-ring Dipper


Just when you thought there couldn't be a smaller ink testing book? We did it.

We miniaturized the original Col-o-ring. About 25% of the original size
Fewer sheets (50 vs. 100) -- less intimidating
and gave it a colorful, miniature ball chain closure (randomly packed).

Same great paper.

Each Col-o-ring Dipper contains:
• 50 - 1" x 2.5" sheets with square corners
• slightly toothy paper but not enough to catch even the sharpest dip nib
• sturdy chipboard covers letterpress printed with a crisp application of "afterburner" black
• durable painted metal ball chain

Paper has been rigorously tested to ensure that inks will not not feather, bleed or show through with a variety of wet or dry media.

Col-o-ring Dipper are printed, assembled and designed in Kansas City. Paper was sourced from a local distributor. No animals were harmed in producing this product, though a few house cats may have been reprimanded.

(Price is for one blank Col-o-ring Dipper. Original Col-o-ring shown for size reference only.)

The history:

With the combined efforts of The Well-Appointed Desk and Skylab Letterpress, we put our heads together to create THE PERFECT INK TESTING BOOK, The Col-o-ring.

Previously, many fountain pen users had been using Japanese flash card to test their inks. One product was pretty good, but wasn't perfect. It was discontinued a couple years ago and while many people had stockpiled a supply, many folks were starting to run low, myself included. So, my husband and I decided to make our own. We started looking for "the perfect paper" back in October of 2016. We finally chose this stock in January of 2017 and started designing our books. Picking the cover stock and the name was the next challenge. We chose chipboard and a retro-inspired name to keep the books timeless and open to whatever you need them to be.

We bring the "ring" – you bring the "color"!

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