Field Notes UNITED STATES OF LETTERPRESS (FNC-48 Fall 2020 Quarterly Edition)


We have the opportunity to share with our friends the Field Notes United States of Letterpress edition that we were contributors to making happen this summer.

We are so proud to be a part of this project and the results. Field Notes is a wonderful company that has pushed the bounds of printing technology and trying to mastermind this edition with nine letterpress printers (10, if you count Skylab) during a pandemic and then get everything back to Field Notes HQ is epic. So we hope that you enjoy these books and the solidarity they created in a time when so many were feeling solitary.

Includes one cover designed by Full-Circle Press of Nevada City, California. One of two by Genghis Kern of Denver, Colorado. One of two by Mama’s Sauce of Orlando, Florida.

Includes one of two cover designs by Springtide Press of Tacoma of Washington, One of two by Brad Vetter of Louisville, Kentucky. One of two by Ben Blount of Evanston, Illinois.

Includes one of two cover designs by Rick Griffith of Denver, Colorado. One of two by Erin Beckloff of Springboro, Ohio. One cover by Starshaped Press of Chicago, Illinois.

Please note that we are unable to fulfill requests for specific designs inside the 3-Packs in your order.

Of course, here's where we come in! Skylab Letterpress of Kansas City, Missouri (that's us!!!) printed our designs for each book’s flyleaf, including a reproduction of a border from the Bay Psalms Book (1640), thought to be the very first book printed in the American colonies. The Flyleaves appear in EVERY BOOK!

Covers were printed on 1 of 6 French Pop-Tone 100#C stocks with a 1-color application of “Linotype Slug Gray” soy-based Superior ink. It was then sent to 1 of 6 Letterpress printers around the U.S.A. and smashed with a 2-color application of “Process Blue” and “Rubine Red” letterpress inks.

The inside paper is Finch Paper Opaque Smooth 60#T “Bright White,” with a fine, 1-color application of “Double Knee Duck Canvas Light Brown” soy-based Toyo ink. Graph grid: 3/16" × 3/16" (4.7mm × 4.7mm).

For more detailed information and to watch the 12-minute documentary about the making of these books, visit Field Notes