Mini Spirit Board - 5x7" Letterpress Ouija Board


Need help making those BIG life decisions? Need help choosing your new offspring’s name? Want to call your Grandma for her secret recipes but she’s "beyond the veil"? Too busy to leave the office but need to make a deal with the Underworld? Don’t worry, our Mini Spirit Board can help!

Whether you are on the train, at the office, or simply in need of a quick seance, the mysterious talking board is perfect for the Medium on the go! A tried-and-true method for communicating with your loved (or unloved) ones in the spirit world, the mystifying oracle powers of the Spirit Board is a treasured classic!

Disclaimer: The Spirit Board may be illegal in at least 16 states, check your local mystic laws governing use.

Each set includes:
(1) 5x7" flat Ouija/Spirit Board printed on recycled 40pt Kraft Chipboard
(1) 2x3" custom die-cut Planchette printed on reversible 200#c black/white stock
(1) Handy instructional guide

Design collaboration by Bryan Fyffe & MeShelle Scott
Printed at Skylab Letterpress