Settlers of Catan Coasters - 8 Unique Designs


Don't let condensation ruin your next game night. While you're focused on building settlements, trading resources, and stacking those VPs, 

our premium pack of water absorbent coasters are sure to keep your resources dry. Inspired by the Settlers of Catan board game, our letterpress printed coasters are perfect for game night. Save yourself from damage and win Victory Points for all!

Set includes 8 uniquely designed letterpress printed coasters. 5 designs are inspired by the original Catan resources (wood, bricks, wheat, sheep, and ore) plus 3 designs depicting crucial elements of gameplay (the desert with the Robber, the sea with the Pirate Ship, and the basic building materials for settlements/cities/roads). 

• Each coaster is a precisely cut hexagon shape with rounded corners, measuring 3.66" wide, and printed on 65pt premium water absorbent coaster stock.
• Set of 8 coasters arrive in a crystal clear, acid free plastic sleeve (Recycle Code: 5 PP). Please recycle!
• Printed in the USA by Skylab Letterpress using American-made paper and materials. Designed by MeShelle Scott.

Disclaimer: Our coasters are inspired by our love for the Settlers of Catan games, and are neither created or endorsed by Catan GmbH / LLC or Mayfair games.