Fountain Pen Sale Batch #3

$40.00 - $400.00 / On Sale

I am doing a "closet clean out" of some assorted fountain pens. Pens are sold as is. All pens are in good condition but have been used, some only once or twice, most have just been used for a review and then cleaned and put away.

These pens may or may not ship with the correct boxes but I will do my best to locate the original packaging. I will be sure to wrap the pen securely for shipping. May or may not include a converter/cartridges and other assorted materials.

  1. Esterbrook Estie Lilac Fountain Pen Schmidt M Nib (includes packaging & converter) $150
  2. Platinum #3776 Chartres Fountain Pen 14K SF Nib (includes packaging & converter) $200
  3. Narwhal Key West Fountain Pen in Key Largo (piston filler, includes packaging) $40
  4. Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20 1.1mm Nib Anderson Pens Special Edition (no converter, includes packaging) $100
  5. Kaweco Dia Fountain Pen (includes packaing, no nib unit -new unit can be purchased on JetPens for $14) $50
  6. Aurora Optima Grey 14K F Nib (piston filler, includes packaging) $400