Vintage Air Mail Envelopes (Pack of 10)

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Vintage Air Mail envelopes in classic No. 10 business size (9.5" x 4.125" ) designed to hold Letter-sized paper folded in thirds. These envelopes feature the signature red and blue dashes around the edges and "VIA AIR MAIL" on the right hand side just below where the postage would be placed. The upper lefthand corner was pre-printed for the now-defunct Berlau Paper House in Kansas City but a well placed sticker or bit of washi tape would make these envelope viable for reuse for your letter writing needs or they could be used for collage, scrapbooking or other creative venture.

Since these are vintage envelopes there may be some yellowing, foxing and I cannot attest for the adhesive qualities of the glue on the flaps. I suggest using a glue stick to guarantee that your envelope survives in the post.

These envelopes were printed at the Midwest Envelope Co. "An Envelope for Every Requirement" and there was a note in the box "Inspected by Operator No. 3".

Your packet of envelopes comes in a cellophane packet and was packaged by Operator No. Ana and Inspected by Cat. No. Lucy.