• Image of Vintage Hunt Mapping Pen (NOS)
  • Image of Vintage Hunt Mapping Pen (NOS)

Inside a new-old-stock box is a wood-look plastic dip pen nib holder and an assortment of No. 103 mapping pen nibs (theoretically one dozen -- but contents of each package may have shifted and there may be more, may be a few less). Some of the nibs may also be hiding under the paper lining too... they can be sneaky like that.

Colors of the pen holders vary from amber to mottled grey to dark black. Boxes will be selected at random.

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at flex pen lettering but didn't want to invest in a flex nib fountain pen, this is a great way to "dip" your nib into it inexpensively. It's also a great tool to test your inks.

*Remember to anneal your nib to remove the protective oil coating before using but don't melt the plastic holder!

Replacement mapping nibs are available at your local art supply store as well.